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On loving and letting go

Times are tough.  My family’s at the forefront of a loss.  An enormous one that tears at each of us in the biggest, deepest, darkest way.  

But, we’re taking each day as it comes, continuing on, living, and most importantly, loving with each and every move we make.  We’ve fallen back in love with our dear, sweet Grammy harder than we knew possible.  And now, to deal with the pain and the sadness, we’re relying on our love for each other.  

Letting go sure isn’t easy.  Not for my grandfather who has lived and loved his precious wife for 59 years.  Not for my mother who has put her life on hold for nearly a year as she made her mother’s medical life her number one priority.  And not for my aunt, uncle, brother, and cousins who have all seen a strong woman become progressively weaker.  

It’s time though.  We are lucky, blessed, really.  While saying goodbye is something I know each member of my family dreads, it’s just a part of life.  There I said it, death is an inevitable part of life.  

To my beautiful Grammy, thank you for teaching me how to forgive, how to fight each day, and most importantly, how to better love.  

And to whomever’s reading out there, thank you for your support.


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